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Who Is Sean Bale?

I'm Sean 'Draco' Bale, a marketing specialist, music producer, kickboxer and studio engineer based in Orange County, Florida. I've carved my path through various avenues in the industry, connecting with superstars along the way solidifying my space in the scene. 

I also operate 'Five Star Network' better known as FSN Agency, and have transformed it from a record label into a platform that nurtures brands to leave a legacy through their creativity.

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What Do I Do?

I'm not the average music producer – I started my journey from humble beginnings learning to make beats on my cousin's laptop; fast forward over seven years, and I've now forged connections with artists worldwide, producing beats and vocals while simultaneously commanding FSN Agency, my marketing powerhouse. Whether you're a local talent or a rising superstar, choosing me for your mixing and instrumental needs isn't just an option; it's a commitment to unparalleled excellence. Satisfaction isn't a promise when working with me; it's a guarantee. Step up your game – choose the producer who doesn't settle for anything less than perfection.

Private Inquiries

For projects and services not listed on this website please contact me at the email provided.

All emails are handled by management and must be prompt including plan and budget or they will be ignored.

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